OrateMate – A Case Study

The Rhetoric Seminar

Benjamin Harding of 2 Bee Videos and James Cullen of OrateMate came into contact in 2015 through one of James’s brilliant seminars on rhetoric at the Guild Hub in Bath. After going through a couple of videographers in the ongoing year, James decided to approach 2 Bee Videos with his need for an online marketing video with his brand OrateMate, a workshop service helping you to speak with eloquence, present with persuasion and pitch with power. To find out more about OrateMate visit: www.oratemate.com

The Goal

The OrateMate marketing video brief:

  • Three minutes in length.
  • Showcase James’s skills and benefits using video coverage of an OrateMate workshop.
  • Avoid showcasing trade secrets.
  • Conduct a filmed testimonial interview with workshop client.

After James delivered his brief notes over a Skype call with Benjamin, James asked for the best approach to this project. Benjamin replied with a plan of action that included:

  • Two camera videography setup covering the workshop.
  • All audio recordings from a radio microphone attached to James at all times.
  • Using the filmed testimonial to steer the video in the desired direction with appropriated pre-written questions.

When James discovered that the content of his teachings had mirrored similarities to the way Benjamin approaches a marketing video script, James happily green lit the project without concern. This also included the list of questions proposed by Benjamin in order to generate the required content to create a story for the video.

Filming The Workshop

James Cullen was wearing a lapel radio microphone and recorded at all times of the workshop. The main roaming camera focused on James when he presented to the room and then focused on workshop attendees when they engaged in set tasks. It wasn’t always appropriate to film the workshop tasks due to how visually engaging these were. There is no time during filming an event to construct a sequence of shots to make a person completely engaged in a reading activity visually stand out of the screen.

The designed approach to framing the workshop in camera and visually interpret James’s skills was to frame him above everyone in the room during moments of his seminar and alternatively frame him on a level with individuals or groups during a moment of selected engagement. One shot visibly shows the frame adjusting to keep the line of action between James and a workshop attendee leveled straight when he moves.

The proposed questions listed by Benjamin were then filmed with client Rob Hart at the end of the day. The answers to these questions successfully generated the required content to create the backbone of the video for OrateMate.

In The Edit Suite

All workshop video content was imported into a separate sequence in it’s entirety. From this sequence all relevant video to give the interview answers context were pieced together.

The only colour correction needed for this project was the grass. The workshop took place in a hotel conservatory and outside is a garden. In the original footage the grass was very green and distracted the view from the workshop. A simple fix with the skills of a colour grader using the application Apple Color from Final Cut Studio.

With the aesthetic colour grading Orate Mate’s primary brand colour orange was used in the palette. The warmth the colour orange provides was a perfect fit for the subject and overall feel for the final video. It is used ever so subtly in the highlights of the video image.

During the final days of editing James and Benjamin discussed what worked and what needed to be shortened taking the video from three minutes to two. The resulting video pleased both parties and OrateMate now has a video that can be shown to potential clients showcasing how the service works.

The final result: